Ladies— Are you always on the go? Do you ever have time to do a full body make over?
My days are usually so busy with school and studying, I never have time to beautify myself.
Sure I wear makeup, cleanse my face, brush and floss my teeth, and shave my legs; but what about the rest?
After the days that are Go! Go! Go! there is nothing more that I want to do than just go on Tumblr and sleep– let’s not forget the eating.
Recently, I have scrolled thru a page on Instagram in which the whole page is dedicated to ways of beautifying yourself. I was very inspired to take the small amount of time I have, and turn it into a at home spa day.
Thus this ended in a relaxing setting with the Piano Guys gently playing in the background.
I am always looking for excellent organic ways to treat my body. Here are my favorite recipes for my rare relaxing and beautifying time:

Foot bath
     As I am always on my feet for most of my day, it is nice to take some stress off of my most used body part. Also, it is nice to smooth any calusus that are forming due to wearing shoes and working out.
I take out my jet foot bath and run to the kitchen to make my soothing concoction.
– 1 gallon hot water
– 1/2 cup Epsom salt
– Lemon oil
– Orange peals
– Vanilla
– 3 tbs olive oil
This all comes out to be a delightful smelling and wonder working concoction.

Facial scrub
     While soaking my feel, I use a home made facial scrub that energizes and brightens my face.
Being a fan of coffee, I always fill my trash with loads of coffee grounds.
Well, instead of throwing them out, I have found them very essential.
– 1/2 cup coffee grounds
– spoonful coconut oil
– vanilla
– milk(until damp enough to spread)
This creates a quick and easy facial scrub that isn’t harmful to your skin.

As my feet soak and my scrub dries, I am left with my hands.
This gives me time to trim my nails, tend to my cuticles, and paint my nails.
While my nails finish drying, I take my feet out of the water so they can air dry, and not loose any of the oil and moisture from the bath.
When my nails are done, I was the scrub off my face. After, I tend to my toe nails to finish the session.
All of this may seem a bit time consuming, but in reality, it was laziness stopping me from beautifying myself. There is no better time than the free time you were given. Enjoy. Xx.

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