Grey Matter.


Lately I have had the hardest time falling asleep. Since finals are here, I am stuck stressing over the fact that passing them is vital. And of course, when I actually need sleep the most, I can’t seem to close my eyes. Figures.
I know I am not the only one having trouble sleeping, whether it’s because finals, new jobs, financials, failing relationships, etc.
Personally, I have three methods to this madness—
  Method one is to turn on soft music– ranging from the Piano Guys to Ed Sheeran. This allows me to calm down and hopefully focus on the lyrics instead of the thoughts running though my head.
Method two is to make hot steamy tea. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime® Herbal Tea is my go-to tea. I recommend one hundred percent. It soothes my body, and works magic on my crowded head. Usually by the time my mug is empty, I am yawning with droopy eyes.
Method three is to pull out my journal. As a religious write-my-thoughts-on-paper person, this is my last resort when nothing else works. Writing your thoughts down can help clear them from your mind.
If you have a heavy mind and can’t sleep, I highly recommend music, tea, and writing– if you prefer or enjoy those things.
Hope everyone has a night full of sleep and majestic dreams. Xx.

Today’s Song:

Life Keeps Moving On, Ben Rector

Today’s Outfit:


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