Everything is a Choice.


Peace. Violence. Two simple words that hold so much meaning. Two words that are the back of our world’s history since the beginning of time. Two words that are the choice of action for every single person, whether it’s protesting for your civil rights or if you’re in a jam with a friend. So many of us let our anger get the best of us and we choose violence without so much as a thought otherwise. We act upon instinct; we act without thinking of the consequences.
Time and time again has shown us more harm is done in terms of violence. Although violence is inevitable, we could eradicate a great percent of violence if we understood that loving someone and choosing words is ultimately easier than choosing violence.
Violence is quick and has long lasting repercussions. Peace is easy and simple and in the end you get the most powerful thing ever—love. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “At the center of nonviolence stands the principle of love.”
We must love each other. We must choose peace over violence. We have the choice.

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