Another Chapter Finished.

As another chapter of my life came to an end on Friday, I can’t help but look back and wish it hadn’t gone by so fast. I am as guilty as charged for wishing my high school career to be finished, but now as I sit at home with nothing but time on my hands, I realized something, well multiple things.

Schooling was really the only solid thing I had. I knew that my days were seven to two-thirty, Monday thru Friday. I knew that each week got me closer to my goal, which was graduation.

Now, with college ahead, I am realizing that I am really going to miss free education. Although I can do without all the hallway drama, I will miss not having to fret about school and being in debt for the rest of my life.

I know regretting the past is no way to live, but if I could tell myself one thing, it would be to live in the moment. Don’t sit at home on a Friday night on Tumblr. Go out with friends, join a club, or spend time with your little brother. I love Tumblr with every bit of my heart, but I wish I would have spent a tad bit less time on it.

On my second to last day of high school, my senior class took a trip to an amusement park. Once there, we were able to go our own ways with our friends. That day, I met peers that I had walked the halls with and had failed to get to know. I came to the realization that I had walked the halls as a zombie, just trying to get to my next class– trying to make it thru the day. Yet, on the trip, these friends I made were always there, whether lingering at their lockers or hanging around their next class. I could have met them earlier and made plenty more memories to cherish with them, but I was so caught up in the future and not even focusing on the now.

Even though I may regret some things in that chapter of my life, there are moments in which I wouldn’t change for anything. I wouldn’t change moving from Georgia to New York half way thru my sophomore year. I wouldn’t change trying out for lacrosse, a sport I had not once heard about. I wouldn’t change making the team and falling in love with the game (even though I completely sucked). And lastly, I wouldn’t have changed graduating a whole year before my class.

I lived through my high school years. I swear I lived. I lived my chapter. This chapter is closed and all I can do now is look back and be happy that I was here on Earth to experience it. Life isn’t about what you could have done, it’s about living in the now and taking advantage of the things you are given.

Now, I am on to better things. I am starting a brand new chapter that I am going to live.

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