God’s Plan.


Have you ever thought of your dream wedding? Who you would be marrying? Where? And the biggest question of them all….. when?

Are you the little girl playing dress up, imagining your wedding day, or the middle age woman stuck in her career with no time for dating, but still daydreaming of a lad to sweep you off your feet and marry you?

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Some dream as far as planning it before you even start dating (guilty as charged).

And if you’re my age, and see all of your Facebook friends getting engaged, you’re thinking “When can that be me?”

Well, lady’s and young lady’s around the world, I’m here to tell you something: God has got this. He’s molding you to be the right God fearing woman he wants you to be, before you open yourself to another person.


And God’s busy molding your soul mate.

Don’t you dare worry about changing your body either. We are all pressured by social media these days to be that angelic woman ‘a man wants’. But God loves you now and forever, and so will your future husband. Don’t change yourself because it’s what you think our society wants. God loved you so much that He sent His son to die for all of your sins, so that your sins would be washed clean (John 3:16).

If you do find yourself worrying- pray. Pray for your future, and your soul mate’s future and wisdom in the Lord.

Our world is changing, as are views of marriage. It’s practically normal for girls to have sex before marriage. Whether they think ‘he’s the one’ or have missed morals. We are inpatient to wait for the great things to come. People get in relationships because they’re bored; have sex because it’s in the moment. Or they’re scared they are getting too old to find the love of their life. You are never too old for your soul mate. And seriously who cares if you’re a 40 year old virgin? Do not settle because you think it’s the best thing at that moment.

God will put the right people in your life when it’s the right time. God’s timing is just as perfect as He is. So put your trust and faith into God and stop those little worries about your future. You are in very good hands.


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