Patient and Kind.

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“Sometimes you give the ones you love most the best of you, but you get nothing in return. Life isn’t meant to be fair.”

     Let’s face it, love is truly hard to find. We want that instant feel of love with no time invested. We don’t want long conversations over silly things, or long pauses where nothing is said at all. We want sexual attractions, no strings attached. We want a quick conversation and no feelings.

Maybe there is something wrong with our generation who was raised by Generation X; maybe it’s how our society has come to portray relationships. We’ve been taught if we open our hearts too quickly or easily, we are naive. We’ve been taught to hide our emotions because we will look weak if we fall for someone who isn’t interested. We are undoubtedly the generation who expects things to be placed on a platter in front of ourself. Parents paying for college or cars. Letting kids objectify each other.

Love is patient and kind. Those relationships you see on your laptop or iPhone screen, don’t happen over night. They take hours of conversation, weeks of dates, and a years of invested time. You may wish for what they have, but if you aren’t willing to try, the person you could potentially love may slip from your grip. We don’t like to work for those relationship “goals” we see over social media. We think we can be satisfied with sleeping around or “talking” to someone.

When did this happen to our generation? When did it become okay to have everything handed to you? When had it become the norm to not invest time and effort into someone worthy? When was the line drawn in time where guys stopped opening doors for their dates? At some point in the last generation, when did it become acceptable to toy with someones feelings?

I was taught to love hard and not take the people I care for, for granted.  How are you supposed to do that when you like someone who’s intentions were not to like you back? How are you supposed to take that special person for granted when all they wanted was to send you mixed signals to get what they wanted?

No one teaches us how to handle being rejected and heart broken or how to feel after finding out that your presence was just temporary satisfaction for someone to fill a void until they found others to take your place.

Real talk:

We as humans were meant to love. We spend our whole lives vying for a love that will last for the rest of our years. In this era we live in, there are so many things going against finding a love so deep. Social media, social media, social media…

We get into the relationships in which we are so scared to label, scared to care more, to finally say we are in love and actually happy. I’m certain that our generation does not know how to properly love one another. We get into these relationships without knowing that the other person would mean so much to us. That’s when we get scared and run, and treat each other like nothing, like we were nothing.

Then we think that everyone out there if the same, and we draw deeper to the depths of being scared to open ourselves up to another individual.

Fact is love hurts. Loving another hurts. Being loved can sometimes hurt.

But should that raw us away from loving or being loved? You got that right: We should not let past experiences hinder finding love and loving another person again.

Love is patient. But that doesn’t mean to wait a toxic relationship out to see if a change would happen and things would change back to how they had been before. Love does not mean that you have to hold off for a person for them to sell their wild Oakes and come back to you.

Love is kind. Your love should be pure. Sure people fight, but there is s difference between pure and toxic.

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