5 Struggles for the Girl Who Always Says Yes.


5 Struggles for the girl who always says yes(2)

This is for all the gals who say “Yes!” “Sure!” “Okay” to everything. “Can you help me with my project?” “You’ll work my shift tomorrow, right?”

It’s nice being nice, to a point. But when the world figures out you will never say no, people will keep on asking for favors until you are spread so thin, you fear you’re going to explode.

Here’s 5 struggles for the girl who always says yes:

1. Your calendar is ridiculously full.

You spend overly too much time catering to other people and not yourself.

2. It physically pains you to say no.

When you say no (the rare times), your heart starts pounding and you sweat (a lot).

3. That one person who always asks.

You always have that one person who knows you well enough that you would never say no to them. And they keep asking. Over and over again.

4. When you finally have down time, you feel like you should be busy.

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You just kicked back to finish the novel you started two months ago, but you have this itching feeling like you should be doing something more important.

5. You are a perfectionist.

Not only do you say yes to everything, but you’re a perfectionist too, so some tasks take forever (and a day) to complete, leaving you little to no time for your own to-do list.


Stay tune for the next article that will give you “Yes” girls some advice as to how to finally break this habit (for good).




  1. Why did you described me? Lol!! The funny thing is i like to be busy and I know sometimes it’s okay to say no to keep your sanity. I just feel like by saying no I shut down an opportunity

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  2. I can’t wait to read your next post! Saying “yes” all the time is an indication of poor boundaries. Learning to have good, clear boundaries (or respect others’ boundaries) is crucial, and often very hard to do. Have you ever read Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud? It would be an excellent source for your next article. 🙂

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  3. I used to be a yes person when I was in my 20s until I realized that I would put myself into a lot mess. Thank you for bringing out this out so clearly. You will assist a lot of girls in making a choice between yes and no!


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