My Blog and I.

Hey y’all! Here’s a couple fun facts about my blog and I:

  • I established this blog in January 2015.
  • I’m a 21 year old college student studying International Affairs.
  • I hope to attend graduate school focusing in Middle Eastern studies.
  • I am a female, and a future leader in my global community.
  • I absolutely love to read and write.
  • I lived in upstate New York (which was practically in Canada) for two years.
  • I fell in love with lacrosse my sophomore year of high school, and still find myself obsessed with the game two years after I stopped playing.
  • I thank my Lord and savior every day for everything He has given me.
  • The Gospel of John is my ALL TIME favorite book of the bible.

My goal for this blog is to reach out to each reader that visits my site. I want to touch their life, whether it be their emotions, spiritual life, or their daily routine. Hope y’all enjoy!

Any questions, concerns, requests, or wanna-be future-friends feel free to contact me via email or comments on the blog posts. Thanks!


~I am currently looking for sponsorship’s to help enhance my viewer’s experience. I am open to reviewing products, travel reviews/posts, and/not limited to topic requests.~

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